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Northeast Lending Services Pre-Qualification

Hard Money Lenders Pre-Qualification

      • We provide loans to both companies and individuals.
      • We require collateral (assets) to securitize the loan.
      • We provide an annual interest rate that is paid monthly.
      • We require an origination fee to cover the pre-approval work.
      • We write loans for 6-12 months with an option to extend up to a year.
      • If a loan is paid before it’s time, the interest of those months will need to be paid.
      • The borrower needs to have an Exit Strategy.

Learn more with our Lending Services Term Sheet Explanation.

If you pre-qualify, please give us a call to discuss the next step: 973-251-2572.



Our Business experiences

Our hard money loans start at a minimum of $50,000. We cannot take on loans lower than that amount. We usually provide approvals for Hard Money Loans within 24 hours and evaluate Commercial Hard Money Loans.

Types of loans we provide

  • Manufacturing Finances
  • Inventors Loans
  • Warehouses Loans
  • Residential Development Loans

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