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Best Whiteville TN Private Money Lenders. 

Are you looking for a Private Commercial Money Lender in Whiteville, TN? We are your source for Commercial and Business Private Money Loans in Whiteville, TN. Northeast Lenders are here to help! With over 8 years of private money lending in Whiteville, TN, Northeast Lenders has the experience and drive to be your short term remedy for your long term cure! Our process is simple, your credit score is irrelevant, and all you need is collateral to secure the loan! We at Northeast Lenders are private money lenders in Whiteville, TN and provide a variety of types of loans, either to an individual or companies!

 Whiteville TN Private Money Lenders

As private money lenders in Whiteville TN, Northeast Lenders provides many different types of private money loans in Whiteville TN, however, the one type of private money loan we don’t provide is a Residential Mortgage loan simply because of the significant difference in guidelines than those of commercial loans. On the contrary, you’re free to use a home as a form of collateral.  We write private money loans for 6-12 months with the option to extend it up to a year.

Types of Private Commercial/Business Money Loans in Whiteville, TN are:

  • Commercial Development
  • Housing and Townhouse Development
  • Inventors Loans
  • Warehouse Loans
  • Residential Development Loans
  • Manufacturing Finances
  • Individual Investments
  • Temporary Business Assistance
  • Restaurant Business Loans
  • Debt Consolidation Plus Additional Dollars Needed

Private Business Money Lending in Whiteville, TN - Loan Amounts:

If we provide the type of loan you’re looking for from a private money lender in Whiteville, TN, the next step is the amount. We at Northeast Lenders provide loans with a minimum of $50,000 but have provided loans totaling up to $5,000,000! Our minimum is $50,000 due to the cost of closing a private money loan in Whiteville, TN, and anything under that amount doesn’t make much economical sense to lend. If you have the collateral to back your sought for amount, you may be approved within 24 hours of application. Closing the loan itself typically doesn’t take more than a couple of weeks!

Process of Acquiring a Private Business Money Loan in Whiteville, TN: 

Once you’re pre-approved and contact us, we’ll walk you through the next steps of discussion, such as needed clarity of the situation, if we feel like you can be further approved for the private money loan in Whiteville, TN. From there you’ll be prescribed an overview of what is expected from you throughout the life of the loan, and upon your approval we’d like the visit the site of the purpose of the loan or the location of the collateral that’s being used. Once we’re all in agreement, and once you sign the Term Sheet you’ll then give us a check ranging from $2,500-$3,000. We do not make any money from that! That check is simply to cover the Title fee and the Legal fee.

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If you’re looking for a private money lender in Whiteville, TN, Northeast Lending Services are here to help with over 8 years of experience in the industry! If we provide the type of private money loan you’re looking for, and you pre-qualify, please feel free to contact us to get started on your short term remedy for your long term cure! Our calling hours are;

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